Wobbler Room

Age 1-2 years
Lead Educator

Shannon Mackey(B.A. Early Childhood Education & Care)

Times Full Time 8am-6pm (5pm Friday)
Part Time 8am-12:50pm or 1:10pm-6pm (5pm Friday)
Settling In The settling in period commences with 1 hour.
Child Supplies Parents are asked to supply: Nappies, Wipes, Change of Clothes, Nappy Creams, Sun Screen.
Activities Our activities focus on mastering the skills of walking and climbing as well as providing opportunities for learning and exploration – push and pull toys, outdoor play, books and pictures, construction, water, sand and messy play, finger and brush painting.
Sleep Room / Time Separate sleep room. Times vary depending on the child’s routine and needs.
Food Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 snacks are provided depending on the time the child attends.